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Planning and innovation

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In Europe there are hundreds of companies dealing in furniture of commercial spaces; but just a few of them are organizations ables to ensure planning and innovation. It's a matter of passion, of course, but it’s above all a special added value that comes from knowing that the only work of setting up may determine the success of a business or its unsucces. Innovating for us is not just to impress with new proposals consistent with the business, but also to adapt to a fickle market increasingly demanding and increasingly linked to emotionality in purchasing.

Markagency proposes
draft quality furnitures, from a functional and esthetic point of view, because to improve the appearance of a store also means improving the turnover. Visitors and potential buyers are attracted from the stores that have a certain warmth and elegance, those that can generate an immediate feeling of relax. The shop needs to seduce and entice the customer to buy the goods on display.

The furniture should communicate practicality and functionality without sacrificing good taste and style, because it’s the eye which guides the customer in the store, and the success of a business depends on the
visual impact that it’s able to give. The decor is a variable which needs to be managed strategically, to take advantage and competitive differentiation.

Planning and innovation


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