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The rules of franchise furniture

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Thanks to the experience gained in the preparation of large commercial spaces, we are able to furnish large franchise stores of any size and geographic distribution. The furniture sector in franchising requires specialists in the field, as a possible error in the choice of spaces and furnishings could compromise the effectiveness of the business of all the affiliated stores.

Markagency has a specialized area in furnishing franchises, whose key feature is the advice in the design and the development of innovative solutions, which will attract the attention of potential visitors and buyers. Our company, thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years of work, today is able to present solutions of important design and above all highly effective in terms of image.

Markagency furniture designs and sets up franchises spaces using innovative materials in a functional way, based on the study of the project. We work with highly skilled professionals, architects and designers ables to develop a project proposal that will make the local practical and functional, taking into account the specific needs of the client and his ideas of achievement, and carefully designed taking into account the importance of an effective setting. The only setting, in fact, is strategic to differenciate themselves from the competition, and it largely affects the purchasing behaviour.

The rules of franchise furniture


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